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We have a 15ft telescoping pole that will help get your purple martin house high into the air, giving you the best chance to attract your first purple martins! Gain the advantage of making your purple martin house highly visible and viewed as a safe location for nearby purple martins. Specifically designed to help you, as the home owner, to maintain your purple martin colony.

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This 15ft telescoping pole is designed to work with the birdhouse owner instead of many of the other options out there that may work against you. Purple martin houses must be cleaned out at times in order to keep the purple martin colony healthy and having them return year after year. This telescoping pole, designed for this purpose, is meant to help make that process much easier for the home owner!

The 15ft telescoping pole will help you get your purple martin house a few feet higher than the 12 ft. If you intend to have your purple martin house close to other structures, this may be a good option for you to get purple martins into your birdhouse. The reason for this is that purple martins may not want to stay if they feel predators are a major threat. Large structures such as trees or buildings towering over the top of your purple martin house may prevent them from feeling save, thus finding a better nesting location elsewhere. The extra few feet may make the difference, depending on your property.

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