Easy Lift Round Pole


Look no further than the best purple martin house pole on the market! Strong enough to keep heavy setups in the air and secured as well as to give purple martin landlords expansion room. This may be expanded in the future, as needed. The Easy Lift Round Pole is 12ft in length and includes a winch system to make raising and lowering a breeze!

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The Easy Lift Round Pole is our strongest pole. It is 2 3/8″ diameter with 16  gauge galvanized metal which makes this the premium option for any purple martin landlord. It includes a winch, which will give you an opportunity to raise and lower your setup as needed. It is proven, those that have a good setup are more likely to maintain their colony and we want you to be successful! This pole is 12ft long, but may be expanded with additional sections. If you wish to purchase an additional section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The winch system is a great option if you intend to use a gourd system, which can be relatively heavy. The winch system also provides you with the flexibility of getting it to the height you want easier, giving many of the landlords the flexibility they are hoping for. The strength of this system will allow you to have room for future growth in your colony as you add units / gourds.

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