Telescoping Pole – 12ft


Need a purple martin house pole that meets your needs! Look no further! The 12ft Telescoping Pole will make your life so much easier when it comes to managing your purple martin colony! There are times you must clean out your compartments, and this pole will make it a short activity before your purple martins arrive by being able to lower and raise your purple martin house.

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Made specifically for our birdhouses, the telescoping pole is designed to not only fit, but also to fit the needs of anyone with an active purple martin colony. The telescoping feature allows the homeowner to raise and lower the purple martin house. Want to show the eggs to the children? What better way to do this safely than with this type of pole?

Additionally, if you wish to care for your purple martin colony, it is important that you clean your purple martin house from time to time. This makes this process easy, and will help you keep a healthy and active colony for years to come. You will be surprised how much easier it is to maintain your colony with this purple martin house pole!

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