16 Family Purple Martin House


Looking for a purple martin house that will have the neighbors talking (in a positive manner of course)? This is the one for you! The barn look will go great in almost any backyard setting. This purple martin house has the ability to be expanded with multiple floor later. Meaning, buy this now, and then keep expanding your setup as you wish to continue to attract more purple martins year after year, as you choose!

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The 16 Family Purple Martin House is unique to many other purple martin houses in that it may be expanded later on! If you wish to get a purple martin house that may be able to grow with the size of your purple martin colony, then this would be the design for you!

The birdhouse snaps together, with no tools necessary. It makes it easy to put together!

As customary with our birdhouses, they are long-lasting with UV-protected plastic making them durable for years, but lightweight enough to be used almost anywhere! The unique barn design has a great feel to it for any rustic or scenic backyard. If you have a farm, this is the one for you!

Recommended: Designed to fit well on the Tri-Tel Pole.

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