12 Family Purple Martin House


A great purple martin house for either the novice or the veteran enthusiast. It is designed to withstand tough weather, light weight so that it fits on a wide variety of poles, and has a beautiful design! This purple martin house will provide you with the ability to check on your purple martins regularly and easy access to cleaning!

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Often referred to as the “best purple martin house”, it is green and tan with a beautiful design that looks great in the yard. It has a stylish design, but more importantly the functionality to attract purple martins! This purple martin house snaps together with no tools required making it a breeze to setup!

Most purple martin house owners will want to clean their birdhouse out from time to time. This purple martin house contains hinged doors making cleaning brief activity. No maintenance required as the purple martin house is made of 100% UV protected plastic which means that the house will remain looking nice and remain durable for years to come.

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