Fountain Gourd Rack


Wanting to get the best money can buy? Look no further than the fountain rack to secure beautifully designed gourds. Made specifically for our purple martin gourds, you will rest assured that you have a great location for purple martins to nest in, but also keeping in mind the future expansion possibilities that come with this system!

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Gourds can be heavy, but look no further than this sturdy rack that will ensure they are secured high into the air. Designed specifically for our gourds, the purple martin fountain gourd rack will keep your purple martins safe, and give you the best option for purple martins that is available.

This is the rack system, the gourds are sold separately. Designed to hold up to eight gourds, but you may expand as you go. Works with the Easy Lift Round Pole, making this a great option if you wish to invest in your future colony as this can be easily expanded in the future and the pole is designed to carry a lot of weight, ensuring that you do not have to worry about your colony even in relatively high winds!

Note: Gourds and Pole sold separately

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