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Purple Martin Houses

8 Family Purple Martin House
12 Family Purple Martin House
16 Family Purple Martin House
10 Family Purple Martin House

Purple Martin Gourds

Bo Gourd
Bo Nine Gourd
Bo Eleven Plus Gourd
Bo Villa Gourd
Double Gourd
Whistle Gourd

Purple Martin Racks

Single Gourd Rack
Double Gourd Rack
Fountain Rack - 2 3/8"
Fountain Rack - 3 1/2"
Ultimate Gourd Rack
Multiple House Rack
Gourd Rack Six
Multiple Gourd Rack

Purple Martin Poles

Quad-Tel Pole
EzLift Pole - 2 3/8"
EzLift Pole - 3 1/2"
Round Pole
Tri-Tel Pole


Purple Martin Decoy
Predator Guard
Purple Martin Door
Purple Martin Door Plugs
Tri-Tel Pole Sleeve
Round Pole Sleeve


Purple Martin Bronze Package
Purple Martin Silver Package
Purple Martin Gold Package
Monthly Special
Purple Martin Gold Package
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Purple Martin Gold Package

Are you looking for a purple martin house that will last you a very long time? This one is it! The good news is that you are not limited in terms of weight you can place on this pole either. It is extremely durable. It is made out of galvanized steel and contains a counter-balance system (or a winch if you choose), and with this technology it is easy to hoist several gourds up the pole with very little effort. With this pole, you can also easily add a rack with gourds.


  • Size: 12 6" x 6" compartments -
  • 100% UV Protected Injected Molded Polypropylene Copolymer Plastic
  • Color: Green and White (Barn-like Appearance)
  • Hinged Doors for Easy Cleaning
  • No Tools Necessary for Assembly
  • Starling Resistant Entry Doors
  • Comes with porches, landing, and take-off rails
  • A EzLift 2 3/8" Diameter Counter-Balance or Winch Pole IS included
  • Lift easily up to 30-40 pounds on this pole
  • Extremely easy to expand upon your 16 Family Purple Martin House with a rack and gourds or adding new levels to the house.
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